Richard Bauckham on Eyewitness Testimony, Mark’s Geography, and Wild Animals

Professor Richard Bauckham (University of St Andrews) delivered three lectures at Laidlaw College on August 7-9, 2015.

The Authenticity of the Apostolic Eyewitness in the New Testament

Mark’s Geography and the origin of Mark’s Gospel

Jesus and the Wild

Wilderness is a term that elicits both fear and delight. It is in the wilderness that we recognise our vulnerability as humans and also our interconnectedness with other non-human life. Yet, we live in an age where wilderness is rapidly disappearing. Ancient forests are cut-down, mountain-tops levelled, and surging rivers are tamed, as human civilisation spreads across the globe. Does Jesus, whose earthly ministry begins in the wilderness (Mark 1:12-13), care about this loss of wild areas? What would Jesus do about climate-change, acidifying oceans, habitat destruction and species extinction?