Yair Zakovitch on Intermarriage, Ruth versus Ezra and Deuteronomy

Professor Yair Zakovitch (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) delivered a talk on “Intermarriage And Halachic Creativity” as part of the Orange County Community Scholars Program (OCCSP), podcasted Feburary 17, 2005.

The talk is available in m4a audio format:



Rachel Rosenthal on Ruth and Peloni Almoni

Rachel Rosenthal delivers a lecture at the 2013 Limmud Conference, “It’s Not Right, But It’s OK: A Characterization of Wisdom and Halachah”, which examines the Book of Ruth and the mysterious figure “Peloni Almoni” (Bug-a-Lugs).



M. Daniel Carroll on Ruth, Immigration, Amos, and Ethics

Professor M. Daniel Carroll, of Denver Seminary, delivers the Old Testament lectures for the 2013 Nils W. Lund Memorial Lecture series, on September 26, 2013, at North Park Theological Seminary:

Lecture 1: “Once a Stranger, Always a Stranger: Immigration, Assimilation, and the Book of Ruth”

Lecture 2: “Probing the Prophets for Social Ethics: Insights from Multiple Perspectives — The Case of Amos”