David B. Capes on Lord/Kurios/Yahweh in Paul’s Letters: The 2014 Hayward Lectures

Professor David B. Capes (Thomas Nelson Research Professor, Houston Baptist University) delivered the 2014 Hayward Lectures at Acadia Divinity College. His subject is the Christological title κύριος (kurios; “Lord”), used to translate the divine name Yahweh (יהוה‎) in the Old Testament.

1. “Kyrios as a Christological Title”, October 20, 2014

2. “Yahweh Texts in Paul’s Letters”, October 21, 2014

3. “Pauline Exegesis and the Divine Christ”, October 22, 2014

h/t: Nijay K. Gupta


Larry Hurtado – Selected Published Essays etc

Jesus and Larry

Emeritus Professor Larry Hurtado (formerly of the University of Edinburgh) makes available a large number of essays and articles on his personal website. The main topics are Jesus, the theory of early worship of Jesus, and the Gospels.

Examples include:

Son of Man–Hurtado.  This is the pre-publication version of my essay published in ‘Who is This Son of Man’?  Latest Scholarship on a Puzzling Expression of the Historical Jesus, eds. Larry W. Hurtado & Paul L. Owen (London:  T&T Clark, 2011), 159-77.

The Women, the Tomb and the Ending of Mark The manuscript of my contribution published in A Wandering Galilean:  Essays in Honour of Sean Freyne, eds. Zuleika Rodgers & Margaret Daly-Denton (Leiden:  Brill, 2009), 427-50.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Jésus et les origines du christianisme (1896)

The French text of an early (and much overlooked) example of politically radical interpretations of the historical Jesus, earliest Christianity and related contexts, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865), Jésus et les origines du christianisme (published 1896), is available here.