John W. Rogerson: Poet Prophets of the Old Testament

Emeritus Professor John W. Rogerson (1935-2018) delivered the Beauchief Abbey Lectures 2017 on “Poet Prophets of the Old Testament” in 2017.

John Rogerson explains why far more attention should be paid to the poetic side of the Old Testament prophets, and to the implications of their poetic language for understanding God and for talking about God. Poets and poetry are needed, he says, not only in our everyday lives; we need them in our worship, in our theology, in our services, because without poetry these will become impoverished.

Lecture 1: The Rediscovery of Hebrew Poetry in the 18th Century

Lecture 2: The Poet Prophets of the Old Testament

Lecture 3: The Forms of Old Testament Prophecy

Lecture 4: The Servant Songs of Isaiah 42-53

Lecture 5: What do the Poet Prophets of the Old Testament have to say to us today?


David Noel Freedman – 1989 Stone Lectures: “The Prophets of the Eighth Century, B.C.E.”

Professor David Noel Freedman (1922-2008) delivered the 1989 Stone Lectures at Princeton Theological Seminary, on the topic of “The Prophets of the Eighth Century, B.C.E.”.

The five lectures are available in mp3 (audio) format:

  1. “Canonical Considerations and Literary-Critical Criteria”
  2. “The Minor Prophets I: Amos of Tekoa”
  3. The Minor Prophets II: Hosea ben-Beeri and Micah the Morashtite
  4. “The Major Prophet: Isaiah ben-Amoz”
  5. “Summary and Summation: the Fifth and Final Prophet–Jonah”

Yale Bible Study on Second Isaiah, with Stephen L. Cook and Robert R. Wilson

Over eight videos, Stephen L. Cook (Virginia Theological Seminary) and Robert R. Wilson (Yale Divinity School) discuss Second Isaiah.

The conversation is part of the Yale Bible Study Series presented in cooperation with The Congregational Church of New Canaan in New Canaan, CT.

The videos are accompanied by study materials on Second Isaiah, made available by the Congregational Church of New Canaan.

Isaiah 6:1-9:21: The Prophetic Messenger and his Message

Isaiah 10–12: God’s Felling of Pride, Making Way for New Growth

Isaiah 34—39: Promise in the Context of Renewed Judgment

Isaiah 40:1-31: The Fulfillment of the Divine Word: God’s Faithfulness to Israel

Isaiah 41:1–44:23: God’s Coming Vindication and Deliverance

Isaiah 44:24-48:22: The Agents of God’s Redemption

Isaiah 49:1–52:12: God’s Servant and God’s Bride

Isaiah 2, Isaiah 52:13–55:13: The Arm of God Manifest in Suffering