Craig Keener’s Video-Lectures on Acts

Those of you who have not read all of Professor Craig Keener’s 4,640-page, four-volume commentary on the Book of Acts (2012-2015) may enjoy his easy-access series of 23 one-hour video-lectures on Acts (2016):




I. Howard Marshall on the Acts of the Apostles

The late Professor I. Howard Marshall (1934-2015) delivered the 1991 Annual Moore College Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles: “A Fresh Look at the Acts of the Apostles”.

Videos of the lectures in the series are available on Vimeo. All five lectures are also available in mp3 audio format (links below). In the first lecture, Prof Marshall reviews scholarship on Acts; the person introducing Prof Marshall is outspoken Sydney bishop, Peter Jensen.

Prof Marshall was the author of the Tyndale commentary on Acts (1980). A book with the same name as the lecture series, A Fresh Look at the Acts of the Apostles, was published by Anzea Publishers in 1992.

Lecture 1 (August 7, 1991):

Lecture 2 (August 8, 1991).

Lecture 3 (August 9, 1991)

Lecture 4:

Lecture 5:


Mark Goodacre – NT Pod podcasts


Mark Goodacre, Professor of New Testament at Duke University, provides a regular podcast on New Testament scholarship called NT Pod.

The major topics of these podcasts are the Gospels and Jesus scholarship, although Goodacre also addresses topics in Pauline scholarship, the apocryphal gospels, and other aspects of the New Testament. While the podcasts are short and succinct – usually 10 to 15 minutes – they provide clear, accessible, up-to-date, and authoritative overviews of many topics in New Testament scholarship.

C.K. Barrett on Acts


In 1977, Dr Charles Kingsley Barrett delivered four seminars on the book of Acts, which are available on mp3 audio files at the Holden Village audio archive. In addition, there is a “Fireside Chat” with a Q&A session.