Ola Wikander on the Divine Sunburn motif

Dr Ola Wikander (University of Lund) discusses ‘Divine Sunburns: A Biblical Motif in Central Semitic and Afro-Asiatic Perspective’ in this Biblical Studies Seminar at the University of Edinburgh on February 11, 2021.


Religious Texts from Ugarit – Nick Wyatt


Professor Nick Wyatt, of the University of Edinburgh, makes available his translation and commentary on the Religious Texts from Ugarit (2nd edn; Sheffield Academic Press, 2002). It covers some fifty tablets, including the Baal Cycle, the Story of King Keret, the Story of Aqhat, and the Rephaim texts.

The book is available for free download after registration with Academia.edu.

Also of interest is Nick Wyatt’s¬†instructive engagement with¬†the academic peer-review process: “Peer Review in Paradise: A study in Reception Criticism”.