Durham University Online Theses


Durham University provides its PhD and Masters theses online, including many in the area of biblical studies. Full text is available for most theses.

Durham e-theses includes, for example:

ANDERSON, BRADFORD,ASHWORTH (2010) Election, Brotherhood and Inheritance:
A Canonical Reading of the Esau and Edom Traditions.
 Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

FRAYER-GRIGGS, DANIEL,FREDERICK (2012) Saved as through Fire: The Fiery Ordeal in New Testament Eschatology.Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

JOHNSON, BEN,JM (2012) A Reading of the David and Goliath Narrative in Greek and Hebrew. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

PIERCE, CHAD (2009) Spirits and the Proclamation of Christ: 1 Peter 3:18-22 in Its Tradition-Historical and Literary Context. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

WEE, LEONARD,KONG-HWEE (2012) Beyond the Echoes: Extending the Framework for Biblical Intertextuality. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


University of Glasgow Online Theses


The University of Glasgow provides its PhD theses online, including many in the area of biblical studies. The full text is available for most theses, although some recent ones are embargoed until a future date.

The Glasgow Theses Service includes, as examples:

Miller, Susan E. (2002) Women in Mark’s gospel. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Pyper, Hugh Scott (1993) ‘David as reader’: 2 Samuel 12: 1-15 and the poetics of fatherhood. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

Stiebert, Johanna (1998) The construction of shame in the Hebrew Bible: the prophetic contribution. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.