Jason BeDuhn on The Secret History of Early Christianity

Professor Jason BeDuhn (Northern Arizona University) delivered the 50th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Lecture at Indiana University Department of Religious Studies on October 16, 2015. The lecture was entitled “The Secret History of Early Christianity: Jesus – Paul – Marcion – Mani – Augustine.” 

This talk surveys the rapidly shifting picture of early Christianity, and how it is reflected in the contributions of Dr. BeDuhn to the field since he completed IU’s first Ph.D. in Religious Studies twenty years ago. Through these recent developments, the historical study of Christianity may finally be escaping the grip of assumptions shaped by the normative tradition of triumphant orthodoxy.

The lecture commences at 8:20.


Zlatko Plese on the Gnostic Myth, Apocryphon of John

On May 21, 2014, Professor Zlatko Plese (University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill) lectured on the Gnostic myth, with special reference to the Apocryphon of John and including discussions of negative theology and Sophia.

Zlatko Plese is the author of Poetics of the Gnostic Universe: Narrative and Cosmology in the Apocryphon of John (Brill, 2006).