Interview with Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Hebrew Bible Scholar: “I don’t like to be a token anything”


Stephen Knight interviews Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou (University of Exeter) about her work as a biblical scholar, biblical scholarship, feminism, her views on religion, and rituals for dealing with the dead. The interview was Episode 65 in the Godless Spellchecker’s Podcast series.

Available on Mp3iTunes and Stitcher.

We talk the historicity of Jesus, Sunday morning television barneys, Richard Dawkins, Feminism, faith schools, the destruction of ancient temples in Palmyra, the Qur’an pages found in Birmingham and why she loves corpses! Also, Star Wars or Star Trek?


4 thoughts on “Interview with Francesca Stavrakopoulou, Hebrew Bible Scholar: “I don’t like to be a token anything”

  1. Francesca:as a born-again Christian and Holy Spirit filled I am sure you know about the 300 scripotures in the OT regarding the Coming of Christ.Jesus saved my life from Hell and not knowing the love of God.
    Why don’t you produce some books on The New Testament and then your books on The Koran.I am sure
    many Muslims would be interrested in your work.,,,I will pray for you. My prayer list lengthens exponentially….None of you ideas/theories convince me ,having been born-again 24 years and involvemeny in the satanic occult.I detest the occult.We must give Jesus Christ the praise.


    • You do know this is a post about Francesca Stavrakopoulou, not by her, don’t you? So you can’t comment and expect her to read it, you see. I trust that helps.


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