Art and the Bible

The Art and the Bible website has collected a number of classic paintings depicting biblical characters and scenes. There is also an accompanying ArtBible app (not free). A list of artists who have depicted biblical characters and scenes can be found on the website and they include:

There are also links to a series of ‘specials’ which are most useful for being a collection of favoured artistic topics or particularly famous works. Topics include:

Christopher Rowland on William Blake, Shaffer Lectures 2008

Christopher Rowland’s Shaffer Lectures on William Blake (‘”From Impulse Not from Rules”:  the Life, Character and Teaching of Jesus in Light of the Prophecy, Poetry and Art of William Blake’) at Yale Divinity School are available on YouTube.

Lecture 1 (October 14, 2008): William Blake on the Life and Teaching of Jesus

Lecture 2 (October 15, 2008): Seeing the Christ: Imagining the Life and Teaching of Jesus in Images

Lecture 3 (October 16, 2008):  Antinomiansm and Forgiveness of Sins: Perspectives on Neglected Themes in the Gospels and the New Testament