Paula Fredriksen on Paul in the Pagan, Polytheistic Ancient World

Professor Paula Fredriksen (Boston University; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) discusses the pagan background of Paul’s audience in three lectures available on YouTube.

The lecture “Paul, Pagans, and the God of Israel” was given at the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, Stanford University, on October 28, 2010 (the lecture begins at 5:30), and discusses polytheism and monotheism:

The lecture “Gods Run in the Blood, or, Why Paul’s Pagans were not ‘Converts’?” was given at the Center for the Study of Conversion and Inter-Religious Encounters at Ben Gurion University, on March 18, 2014, and discusses the ethnic basis for ancient “religion” and the concept of conversion.

The lecture “Paul, Practical Pluralism, and the Invention of Religious Persecution in Roman Antiquity” was given to the Critical Thinkers in Religion, Law and Social Theory at the University of Ottawa, on October 24, 2013 (the lecture begins at 3:40), and discusses gods and religious persecution.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Q&A, part 1:

Q&A, part 2:

Marc Brettler: A Jewish Perspective on the New Testament

Professor Marc Brettler (Brandeis University) presented the 2015 David S. Lobel Visiting Scholar Lecture on May 12 at Stanford University, “A Jewish Perspective on the New Testament”. The lecture discusses the book he co-edited (with Amy-Jill Levine), The Jewish Annotated New Testament (2011).

The New Testament began as a largely Jewish book, but it is mostly ignored by the Jewish community. As co-editor of The Jewish Annotated New Testament, the speaker will explore the importance of the New Testament to Judaism and how Jewish perspectives on the New Testament are relevant to contemporary Christianity.

The lecture begins at 5:00.