Early Jewish-Christian Relations: SBL 25-Year Retrospective


Ancient Jew Review is publishing the papers from the recent 25-Year Retrospective on the Early Jewish-Christian Relations panel, held at the SBL Annual Meeting in San Diego in November 2014.

Andrew Jacobs, Introduction, “Early Jewish Christian Relations at SBL: A 25 Year Retrospective

Jeffrey Siker, “Jewish/Christian Relations at 25: Retrospect & Prospect

Adele Reinhartz, “The Jewishness of Christianity: the Straddling of Two Eras

Ra’anan Boustan, “Jews and Christians: Embracing the Wide Spectrum

Ross Kraemer, “Patterns and Theory: the Evolution of a Category

Susanna Drake, “Alterity in Late Antiquity: Disrupting Binaries


Bible Odyssey – Online Bible Encyclopedia from SBL


Bible Odyssey is the Society of Biblical Literature’s online biblical studies resource, featuring articles on key subjects and passages in the Bible.

The Bible is a revered text for many and holds an iconic status in American and even global culture. And yet, studies show that people are unfamiliar with its key themes or stories—and who can blame them? The Bible is not one book, but many: a compilation of poetry, law codes, novellas, proverbs, gospels, and letters that were pulled together over the centuries. Being literate about the Bible is a tall order—but an important one. Given the Bible’s immense impact, our civic conversations and cultural awareness can only improve when we are able to recognize key people, places, and passages of the Bible.

In addition, readers are also unfamiliar with critical approaches to the text. There is a big difference between Bible study, which happens in a religious setting, and study of the Bible, which happens in an academic one.  Bible Odyssey addresses not only the literacy gap but also the gap between the academy and the “street.” Why should Bible scholars have all the fun? Wouldn’t you like to know about the Synoptic Question, or about J, E, P, and D?

Articles are written by biblical scholars and members of the Society of Biblical Literature. The site is an ongoing project, and has introductory articles on, for example:

David and Goliath (1 Sam 17), by Keith Bodner
The Nativity of Jesus, by Helen Bond
Mary Magdalene in Popular Culture, by Dan Clanton


Derrida Archived: “Other Testaments: Derrida and Religion”


The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) has available three mp3 files which archive the session from the 2002 AAR/SBL Annual Meeting in Toronto, “On Religion: An Interview With Jacques Derrida“.


Jacques Derrida, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris

Yvonne Sherwood, University of Glasgow

John D. Caputo, Villanova University

Kevin Hart, Monash University

Derrida 1: http://www.bookreviews.org/audio/Derrida_Int_1.mp3

Derrida 2: http://www.bookreviews.org/audio/Derrida_Int_2.mp3

Derrida 3: http://www.bookreviews.org/audio/Derrida_Int_3.mp3

A transcription of the interview can be found in Yvonne Sherwood and Kevin Hart, eds, Derrida and Religion: Other Testaments (New York: Routledge, 2005), 27-50.

SBL Fonts – Biblical Languages

BibLit Font

The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) provides free unicode-compliant fonts for Hebrew and Greek, as well as the “BibLit” font which offers a combination of Hebrew, Greek, transliteration diacritics, and Latin type.

SBL fonts are made available without cost to individual scholars for non-profit use.

In addition, legacy SP fonts, designed by James R. Adair, are available for Coptic, Aramaic/Hebrew, Greek, and Syriac, as well as for transliteration diacritics and textual critical diacritics.