Rachel Elior on Angels and Angelology

Professor Rachel Elior (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) delivered a talk on “Angels and Angelology in Judaism” as part of the Orange County Community Scholars Program (OCCSP), podcasted January 28, 2009. The talk is available in m4a audio format:





Genesis: Origins of the Universe and Humankind

The program title for the 73rd meeting of the Board of Governors of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was “Genesis: Origins of the Universe and Humankind”. The meeting involved professors from various disciplines within the university, including the following offerings¬†from biblical scholarship:

Sunday June 6, 2010

Prof. Yair Zakovitch – From Creation to History (1:19:55)
Prof. Rachel Elior – Mystical Perspectives on Creation (1:50:20)

Tuesday June 8, 2010

Prof. Nili Wazana – Forever Outsiders: The Origins of Israel According to the Bible (1:08:05)