Michael Fishbane – 1990 Stroum Lectures: This Kiss of God: Spiritual Death in Jewish Religious History

Professor Michael Fishbane (University of Chicago) delivered the 1990 Stroum Lectures in Jewish Studies at the University of Washington: “This Kiss of God: Spiritual Death in Jewish Religious History”.

Lecture 1 (April 24, 1990), “Paths of Ascent to God in Jewish Spirituality”:

Lecture 2 (April 26, 1990), “The Martyr & the Mystic”:

Lecture 3 (April 30, 1990), “Rituals of Prayer and Sanctification”:

The Song of Songs: Francis X. Clooney, Cheryl Exum, Michael Fishbane, Paul Griffiths, and Stephanie Paulsell

Harvard Divinity School provides a┬ávideo of “a conversation between five scholars on the Song of Songs”, held on April 15, 2013. The panel was chaired by CSWR director Francis X. Clooney, S.J., and featured Cheryl Exum of the University of Sheffield, Michael Fishbane of University of Chicago Divinity School, Paul Griffiths of Duke University, and Stephanie Paulsell of HDS.