Douglas Moo: Two-Day Intensive Course on Galatians

In July 2014, Professor Douglas J. Moo (Wheaton College) presented his perspective on Galatians, in a two-day intensive course called ‘Galatians: a Letter for Today’, held at Oak Hill College, London.

Douglas J. Moo is the author of the 2013 Baker Exegetical Commentary on Galatians.



Says Dr Moo: ‘In this course, we look at the themes of Galatians in their first-century context and then discuss the shape they might take in the church today. My goals are to help us understand the issues in Galatians and Paul’s theology today; to read Galatians faithfully in light of Paul’s own situation; to find ways of appropriating the message of Galatians for today, and be emboldened to proclaim the gospel in our own ministry contexts.’

h/t: Chris Tilling