OOTLE15: The Open Old Testament Learning Event 2015


OOTLE15, or the 2015 Open Old Testament Learning Event, is a 13-week introductory course to the Hebrew Bible. The course instructor is G. Brooke Lester, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Scriptures, and Director of Digital Learning, at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

To join the course, you will need to have a blog and twitter account, and sign up here. The course begins on February 3, 2015, but you can start at any time.

Thirteen-Week Schedule:

Week One (February 3): Orientation to the course and to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Week Two (February 9): The Writings: Psalms

Week Three (February 16): The Writings: Wisdom

Week Four (February 23): The Writings: Apocalyptic

Week Five (March 2): The Latter Prophets: 8th century prophecy

Week Six (March 9): The Latter Prophets: 7th century prophecy

Week Seven (March 16): The Latter Prophets: Prophecy after Exile

Week Eight (March 23): The Former Prophets: The Deuteronomistic History

Week Nine (March 30): The Former Prophets: Emergence of Israel


Week Ten (April 13): The Former Prophets: United Monarchy & divided monarchies

Week Eleven (April 20): The Pentateuch: Genesis, and the “documentary hypothesis”

Week Twelve (April 27): The Pentateuch: Ancestral Tales, and “Covenant”

Week Thirteen (May 4): The Pentateuch: Sinai, and the “Law”