Annette Yoshiko Reed: The Bible Beyond the Bible – From Apocrypha to Anime

Annette Yoshiko Reed delivered a┬álecture at Trinity University on February 17, 2016, on the topic, “The Bible Beyond the Bible: From Apocrypha to Anime.” The lecture was delivered in the 2016 Lennox Series and Seminar at Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas).

Much has been written about the continued creativity surrounding the biblical past in relation to rich histories of Jewish and Christian interpretation of the Bible. But to what degree does the creativity of biblical memory-making go beyond biblical texts and canons? What do we miss when we limit our consideration of the culturally productive encounter with the biblical past to the textual bounds of the most dominant canons today? This lectures explores these questions by looking to some prominent “Old Testament pseudepigrapha” and “New Testament apocrypha” but also by tracing their reception from medieval art to modern novels to contemporary anime.

The slides for the lecture are available here.