Yale Bible Study on Romans, with David L. Bartlett and Harold W. Attridge

Over eight videos, David L. Bartlett (Yale Divinity School) and Harold W. Attridge (Yale Divinity School) discuss Paul’s letter to the Romans.

The conversation is part of the Yale Bible Study Series presented in cooperation with The Congregational Church of New Canaan in New Canaan, CT.

The videos are accompanied by study materials on Romans, made available by the Congregational Church of New Canaan.

Romans, 1-3: Big Human Problem, Bigger Divine Solution


Romans, 4: Faith’s Poster Boy

Romans, 5: Living in Hope

Romans, 6: New Lord, New Life

Romans, 7-8: From Flesh to Spirit

Romans, 9-11: History Matters

Romans, 12-13: The Transformed Community

Romans, 14-16: The Generous Welcome

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