Did God Have a Wife? William Dever on Mrs God

Professor William G. Dever (Lycoming College; University of Arizona) presented the 2014 Tenenbaum Lecture on February 3, 2014 at Emory University.

His illustrated lecture showcases recent archaeological evidence that reveals the differences in beliefs and practices of ordinary people in ancient Israel compared to the elitist, idealist portrait in the Bible, particularly the ongoing veneration of the Canaanite Goddess Asherah.

The lecture begins at 16:05.

3 thoughts on “Did God Have a Wife? William Dever on Mrs God

  1. Reblogged this on Chance Bonar and commented:
    This is a wonderful lecture by Dr. William Dever, author of The Live of Ordinary People In Ancient Israel and Did God Have A Wife?, concerning archeological depictions of Asherah, a potential wife/consort of Yahweh in ordinary (i.e. non-elite or non-Jerusalemite) Hebrew religion. Dever’s findings most directly impact modern readers of the Bible through his challenge concerning the backgrounds of the Biblical authors, who were generally elitist, priestly males with some minority religious convictions. As Dever notes, Biblical authors generally abhor temple sites outside of Jerusalem, even though archeological evidence reveals that other temples were used within the boundaries of Israel and Judah for worship of Yahweh. Even though artistic depictions were also technically condemned by the Jerusalemite elite, depictions are still found from ancient Israel. Dever challenges modern audiences to consider how the common Israelite, who probably never visited Jerusalem or saw the Temple, experienced the Hebrew religion and found comfort in their identity.


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