Bart Ehrman – The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon


Professor Bart Ehrman delivers a 12-part lecture course on the making of the New Testament, as part of The Great Courses series. The course has been made available on

How many of us, Christian or otherwise, are as knowledgeable about the New Testament as we would like to be? Even many who consider themselves Christian find themselves asking some—perhaps even all—of the questions so often posed by those who are not.

What different kinds of books are in the New Testament? When, how, and why were they written? What do they teach? Who actually wrote them? How were they passed forward through history? And, perhaps most important of all, why and how did some books, and not others, come to be collected into what Christians came to consider the canon of scripture that would define their belief for all time?

In The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon, Professor Ehrman offers a fast-moving yet thorough introduction to these and other key issues in the development of Christianity.

Drawing on the award-winning teaching skills and style that have made him one of our most popular lecturers—respectful yet provocative, scholarly without sacrificing wit—Professor Ehrman has crafted a course designed to deepen the understanding of both Christians and non-Christians alike.

“The New Testament is appreciated and respected far more than it is known, and that’s not just true among religious people who consider themselves Christian. …

“This set of lectures is designed to provide an introduction to the New Testament for people who recognize or appreciate its cultural importance, or who have religious commitments to it, but who have not yet had a chance to get to know where it came from, what it contains, and how it was transmitted down to us today.

“The focus in this course will be historical, rather than theological. The course does not either presuppose faith or deny faith. It’s based neither on faith nor skepticism. … It’s simply taught from the perspective of history.”

01-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.5 MB The New Testament – An Overview
02-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.2 MB Paul – Our Earliest Christian Author
03-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.0 MB The Pauline Epistles
04-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.1 MB The Problem of Psedonymity
05-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.1 MB The Beginnings of the Gospel Traditions
06-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.0 MB The Earliest Gospels
07-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.1 MB The Other Gospels
08-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.1 MB Apocalypticism and the Apocalypse of John
09-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.2 MB The Copyists Who Gave us Scripture
10-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.1 MB Authority in the Early Church
11-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.0 MB The Importance of Interpretation
12-12[MusicBrainz (recording)] 7.2 MB When Did the Canon Get Finalized?

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