Thomas Sheehan: Continuing Education Course on the Historical Jesus

Standford - Historical Jesus

Thomas Sheehan provides a 10-lecture short course, or continuing education course, on the historical Jesus, provided via the Stanford Continuing Studies Program (2007). Lectures from the course are available free on iTunes.

Who was the historical Jesus of Nazareth? What did he actually say and do, as contrasted with what early Christians (e.g., Paul and the Gospel writers) believed that he said and did? What did the man Jesus actually think of himself and of his mission, as contrasted with the messianic and even divine claims that the New Testament makes about him? In short, what are the differences—and continuities—between the Jesus who lived and died in history and the Christ who lives on in believers’ faith? Over the last four decades historical scholarship on Jesus and his times—whether conducted by Jews, Christians, or non-believers—has arrived at a strong consensus about what this undeniably historical figure (born ca. 4 BCE, died ca. 30 CE) said and did, and how he presented himself and his message to his Jewish audience. Often that historical evidence about Jesus does not easily dovetail with the traditional doctrines of Christianity. How then might one adjudicate those conflicting claims? This is a course about history, not about faith or theology. It will examine the best available literary and historical evidence about Jesus and his times and will discuss methodologies for interpreting that evidence, in order to help participants make their own judgments and draw their own conclusions.

Name Released Price

Call Me Yeshua 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Kingdom and Catastrophe 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Left Behind 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

“Pealing” the Onion 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Apocalypse Now 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Words and Wonders 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

The Empire Unleashed 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Crisis and Continuity 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Apocalypse to Come 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes

Resurrection 3/30/07 Free View In iTunes
11 The Historical Jesus Course Syllabus 4/20/07 Free View In iTunes

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