Northrop Frye, “The Bible and Literature”

The University of Toronto hosts videos of a lecture series given by Northrop Frye in 1980-81 called “The Bible and Literature“. Transcripts of the videos are also available on the site. The lecture series coincided with Frye’s composition of his landmark work on the same topic, The Great Code: The Bible and Literature (1982).

Between 1980 and 1981 Prof. Northrop Frye held 25 lectures under the title ‘The Bible and Literature’. Each of these lectures was recorded and for each of them a transcript was provided.  The lectures are listed below.

Lecture 1 Introduction: An Approach
Lecture 2 The Shape of the Bible
Lecture 3 Images of Paradise: Trees and Water
Lecture 4 Parody and Manifest Demonic: Trees and Water
Lecture 5 Sexual Imagery: The Bride and the Bridegroom (Part 1) & The Great Whore and the Forgiven Harlot (Part 2)
Lecture 6 Pastoral and Agricultural Imagery: Parts 1 & 2
Lecture 7 The World of Angels
Lecture 8 The Hero from Across the Sea  
Lecture 9 The Double Mirror: Exodus and the Gospel
Lecture 10 The Metaphor of Kingship
Lecture 11 King, Priest and Prophet
Lecture 12 The Question of  Primogeniture
Lecture 13 Revelation: After the Ego Disappears
Lecture 14 Genesis: In the Beginning
Lecture 15 Exodus: A Revolutionary Heritage
Lecture 16 Law: Ordering a Society
Lecture 17 Wisdom: The Proverb
Lecture 18 Wisdom: Playing Before God (Part 1) & Ecclesiastes: Vanity of Vanities (Part 2)
Lecture 19 Untitled
Lecture 20 Job: A Test
Lecture 21 Job and the Question of Tragedy
Lecture 22 Job and Restored Humanity
Lecture 23 The Language of Proclamation: Style and Rhythm in the Bible
Lecture 24 Revelation: Removing the Veil
Lecture 25 Conclusion: The Language of Love


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