Ancient Greece and Ancient Israel: Interactions and Parallels (10th-4th Centuries BCE) Conference

Videos are available on YouTube from the Ancient Greece and Ancient Israel: Interactions and Parallels (10th-4th Centuries BCE) Conference (October 28-30, 2012, Tel Aviv University). The conference investigates the

interactions and parallels between the ancient Greek world and the Eastern Mediterranean, with an emphasis on the period before the Hellenistic and Roman periods.

A complete list of abstracts is available on the conference website.

The following is the complete list of videos from the conference which are on YouTube:

Thomas Römer (Collège de France/University of Lausanne), “Hebrew Bible and Greek Mythology: Some Case Studies”:

Irad Malkin (Tel Aviv University), “Foreign Founders: Greek and Hebrew Colonization”:

Marek Węcowski (University of Warsaw), “The Greek Symposium and the Biblical Marzeah – Contrasts and Parallels”:

Christian Mann (University of Mannheim), “Body and Sports in Israel and Greece: A Comparative View”:

Assaf Yasur-Landau (University of Haifa), “From Canaanites to Israelites and Phoenicians: Cultural Trajectories in Mediterranean Settings”:

Martti Nissinen (University of Helsinki), “Prophets and Kings: A Comparison between Greece and Mesopotamia”:

Bruce Louden (University of Texas at El Paso), “Jason, Medea, and Aietes; Jacob, Rachel, and Laban: Argonautic Myth and Genesis 27-32”:

James D. Muhly (University of Pennsylvania/ASCSA), “Travelling Craftsmen?”:

Tamar Hodos (University of Bristol), “Mediation and Multi-directional Exchanges: The Phoenicians”:

Jacob L. Wright (Emory University), “Aegean War Commemoration and the Composition of Biblical Writings”:

Doron Mendels (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Israel Finkelstein (Tel Aviv University), Comments, Q&A:


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